New Year, New Me: How to Become a Qualified Homebuyer

New Year, New Me: How to Become a Qualified Homebuyer

Buying a home in the new year? Whether this is your first go-around or you’ve purchased before, there are steps you can take to make sure you’re a qualified homebuyer —and being a qualified homebuyer is the key to getting the best deal you can on your mortgage.

Remember the 4 C’s as you get started: Cash, Credit, Capacity, Collateral. Here’s more:


Often referred to as “Capital,” the amount of cash you have can make or break a mortgage deal. But, your ability to become a qualified homebuyer doesn’t only depend on how much is in the bank —it’s also about where the money came from and where it’s going.

Here are a few tips when considering your cash:

#1. Save for a Down Payment
The bigger the down payment you make, the more likely mortgage providers are to approve you at a great interest rate. For most conforming loans, a down payment equal or greater to 20% of the purchase price is required, but there are some programs (like FHA and VA loans) that will allow for a smaller down payment. Learn how some new are homebuyers working with a lower budget for a downpayment here.

#2. Don’t Forget Closing Costs
Most mortgage professionals agree that closing costs are typically equal to 2-5% of the home’s purchase price. As with your down payment, your mortgage lender will want to verify you have the funds to cover these expenses. It’s important to understand how to save and calculate closing costs before you dive in.

#3. Manage Gifts
If you’re accepting a cash gift from a family member as part of your down payment, make sure this is well explained and documented. Your bank statements will be reviewed for any large deposits (anything over a few hundred dollars), and any unusual deposits could derail your ability to be a qualified homebuyer.


Also referred to as “Character,” your credit is your history of debt repayment and credit score. In most situations, 580 is the minimum for a low down payment FHA loan, while 620 is the minimum for most conventional loan programs.

Here are a few tips when trying to catapult your credit:

#1. Review Your FICO
Most lenders will request your FICO score from the three credit reporting agencies, but will then toss out the high and low score to use the middle for assessment. Before shopping your mortgage, make sure you have a clear picture of your FICO score and that your report is free from errors.

#2. Improve Your Score
Not everyone has perfect credit. In fact, the U.S. average is 687. If you’re trying to up your creditworthiness to become a qualified homebuyer there are some simple things you can do —from paying down debts to making on-time payments— to see some positive increases.


Your “Capacity” is your ability to make monthly payments on your mortgage and to repay your loan over time. Lenders will look at your income to determine if you have the capacity. Here are two of the big ratios they will look at:

#1: Calculate Your Housing-to-Income Ratio
This number is what percentage of your gross monthly income (verified via pay stubs, W2s, tax returns and other documentation) will be spent on your monthly housing expense. Your total housing expense includes principal and interest, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and any mortgage insurance and homeowner’s association dues. To get the best terms, you want this number to fall below 30%.

#2: Keep Your DTI Low
Your debt-to-income ratio is called the “back-end ratio” and is the percentage of your gross income spent on housing (like above) plus your other monthly expenses. These additional expenses could be credit card payments, student or car loans, or any other debts. Child support and alimony are part of this equation. In most cases, you cannot qualify for a mortgage with a DTI of more than 43%. How can you figure out where to start on debt-to-income? Read up on how much house you can afford.


Regarding the home being purchased, the collateral confirms to your mortgage provider that they have a way to recover their losses should you default. To ensure the collateral is worthy of the loan you’re taking out, there are a few ways the lender will “check the collateral.”

#1. Get an Appraisal
Your lender will almost always require an appraisal to ensure the amount loaned does not exceed the value of the home. An independent appraiser will consider factors like recent sales, a home’s location, its condition and other factors. If the appraisal comes in below the purchase price, the borrower will only be approved for the lower amount.

#2. Get an Inspection
The inspection will help your lender determine the condition of the home and that it is safe and structurally sound. While this inspection is not always required, it is strongly recommended.

Putting it into Practice
When it’s time to shop your mortgage, reach out to a Sindeo Mortgage Advisor. With the recent release of SindeoOne, homebuyers can shop and compare over 1000 loan programs by filling out a single application in just 5-minutes. You’ll find the best deal for your specific situation in no time! Connect today.

NextHome expands in Oregon with NextHome NW Realty

NextHome expands in Oregon with NextHome NW Realty

Dustin Slack
Dustin Slack

Pleasanton, CA— January 17, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome NW Realty. This represents the fifth franchised office location in the state of Oregon.

Based out of Portland, the brokerage is dedicated to serving the needs of clients in Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Sandy and the remainder of the Portland Metro area. The company will provide property sales services such as residential, land, luxury, multi-family, and foreclosures.

The Portland Metro area is home to nearly 2,400,000 residents and is the largest city in the state of Oregon.

NextHome NW Realty will be owned and operated by Dustin Slack and will be joined on the leadership team by Debbie Rainforth as the managing principal broker.

After a decade in the in the marketing and events career, Slack pursued his interest in real estate in 2013.

“I originally wanted to get my real estate license way back in 2003,” recalls Slack. “But my family talked me out of it at the time. Ten years later, my wife and I had the opportunity to move to Portland from San Diego, and it was the perfect time to pursue my real estate dream.”

Starting his career with a local independent brokerage, Slack’s hard work and dedication quickly earned the trust of the ownership team. Just six months after starting with the company, Slack was put in charge of leading a branch location.

In the three years at the brokerage, Slack steadily built his business to exceed 40 transactions annually.

As the market needs for his clients changed, Slack started to explore the idea to open his own real estate brokerage and knew that a franchise model would help him expedite the process.

“There are a lot of real estate franchises who can help provide a suite of services for agents at a start-up brokerage,” said Slack. “I didn’t see the need to re-invent the wheel if I was able to find a real estate franchise that could help our agents be more productive.”

“I went to and saw a company that aligned with everything I wanted in a franchise,” added Slack. “Even NextHome’s orange-based branding fit my desire for colors in a franchise.”

Slack says NextHome NW Realty will provide local agents a brokerage that focuses on adding talented team members who are career-oriented and ready for something different in a cluttered real estate market.

“NextHome NW Realty will have systems that are easy to use, with an intent on customer focused branding,” said Slack.

Giving back to his community is important to Slack. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Belmont Area Business Association.

When not selling real estate, Slack spends time with his wife, Katie, and their four-year-old son, Caleb. The Slack family enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities, as well as visiting the various locations of the up-and-coming local craft beer breweries.

Congratulations to Dustin and his team at NextHome NW Realty for the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Maximize Your Sphere of Influence

Maximize Your Sphere of Influence

People have come up to me and said, “I really need to get a deal in the next 90 days. If I don’t, then I might have to go get a real job.”

Feel free to skip the following rant: Please, if you value your health, don’t ever say “get a real job” around me. It will take a lot of effort for me not to punch you. If people would treat THIS job like a real job by being consistent and accountable, then they would make more money, have more freedom and never have another job ever again. Make the commitment and treat this job like a real one. Geez, got me all riled up 35 words in. Now back to the lecture at hand.

After I have punched them in the face… I say, “Let’s get our timeline straight. Most escrows run about 30 days. And usually you are going to need at LEAST two to four weeks to get the client into escrow. Basically, we have 30 days to make this happen. We better get rolling!”

With a clear timeline in place, let’s see where the “now deals” are hiding. What is the shortest path to more deals? You sphere of influence, of course!

Real estate is a trust sale. Trust is transferable and it speeds up everything. I highly recommend reading “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen Covey for more details on this key takeaway.

If you want that “now deal,” you will have to roll up your sleeves, put on your rejection Kevlar body armor, and (gasp!) pick up the phone. Remember, it is all about speed right now because that dreaded “real job” is looming, just 30 days away.

Pick up the phone and call your people. Asking for a referral will be hard, but do it anyway. Or… start freshening up on your job interview skills.

All of the above is just one facet to building a long-term sustainable business from your Sphere of Influence. We’ll be going over all the different ways to build an enduring business through the people who already know you and trust you during an upcoming webinar.

Click here to reserve your spot!

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners (and How to Achieve Them!)

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners (and How to Achieve Them!)

A new fitness routine? More time spent with family and friends? A conscious effort to remove a certain habit from your life? With the start of the new year, resolutions and goals (and how you plan to achieve them) are likely on your mind. If you’re a homeowner, you might want to consider some house-related goals for the next 12-months.

Here’s a list of 3 New Year’s resolutions for homeowners, tips on how to make them happen, and the results you could see if achieved:

Resolution #1: Save More at Home
Who doesn’t want to save more money? In 2017, watch for places around the home to save more. Here are a few hiding places where you may find some savings:

By refinancing … Depending on when you took out your current mortgage and how much your overall finances have improved, refinancing your home loan at a lower rate could help you see considerable savings on interest. Here are 5 signs that it might be time to refinance your mortgage. If you think refinancing might be right for you, contact a Sindeo Mortgage Advisor. And, be sure to check out our newly released SindeoOne, where you can shop more than 1000 loan programs simply by filling out a single application that takes less than 5-minutes.

By being aware … When you own a home, it’s easy to focus on all the big costs —the mortgage, the insurance, the maintenance. But, with a bit of creativity and focus, there are quite a few smaller ways that you can save money in a big way. These 10 creative ways to save during the summer and 8 simple ways to save on your energy bill articles are a great place to start.

By doubling up … Making extra payments or paying a bit extra on your mortgage every month can help you shorten the time until your loan will be paid in full and can enable you to build home equity quicker. Just remember that some mortgages have hidden costs that sneak up when you pay off your mortgage early, so be sure to read the fine print and discuss this strategy with your lender.

Resolution #2: Improve Home Safety
From home break-ins to accidents around the house, home safety is an important part of homeownership. In 2017, make the resolution to improve your home’s safety and you can sleep better at night knowing you’re protected. Here’s how:

By reducing fire hazards … Hidden dangers like outdated wiring or lint buildup from your dryer can increase the risk for home fires. Have a professional inspect these areas and don’t forget to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly.

By rethinking security … You don’t have to install a costly alarm system to increase your home’s safety. Take a walk around your home —both inside and out— and rethink your security. Perhaps you need to switch to deadbolt locks or add more light outside your home at night. There are just two small changes that could deter would-be burglars. You might also consider wi-fi enabled doorbell cameras like Ring.

By checking coverages … Not only can you save money when you re-shop your insurance coverages, but it gives you the opportunity to audit your coverages to ensure you’re protected when it counts. Make sure you have enough coverage and consider purchasing flood or earthquake coverage if you live in an at-risk area.

Resolution #3: Practice Good Maintenance
As a general rule of thumb, homeowners are encouraged to set aside at least one percent of the purchase price of your home each year for ongoing maintenance. In 2017 —in addition to setting aside a maintenance emergency fund— set aside some time to practice good maintenance and your home (and wallet) will thank you. Here are some tips:

By monthly check-ins … Create a checklist of home maintenance items you’ll commit to doing each month. This can range from checking the smoke alarms to cleaning the gutters and replacing the HVAC filter.

By hiring help … Home maintenance is one of the many hidden costs of homeownership, but DIY projects gone wrong can be even more costly. When tackling a home maintenance project that might be out of your league —think roof repairs or plumbing projects— be sure to hire a professional.

Make 2017 a Great Year!
These are just a few of the ways you can make 2017 a great year for homeownership. What resolutions will you add to your list? Share your favorite “homeowner resolutions” with us on Facebook! And, don’t forget to check out SindeoOne.

Here’s to a great New Year!

NextHome opens new location in Folsom, California

NextHome opens new location in Folsom, California

Corey Rasmussen
Corey Rasmussen

Pleasanton, CA— January 10, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome Premier Properties. This represents the 33rd NextHome brokerage in the state of California.

Based out of Folsom, the brokerage will be owned and operated by Corey Rasmussen and will serve the needs of clients in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin and the remainder of El Dorado, Sacramento and Placer Counties. To assist with the company’s leadership, Rasmussen will be joined by REALTOR®, Certified Home Staging Professional and Office Manager, Elizabeth Alejo. The brokerage will provide residential, commercial, investment, multi-family, and land property services.

Folsom is home to over 70,000 residents and the largest private employer in the Sacramento area, Intel. Folsom Dam and Folsom Lake provide power, water and recreation to thousands in the Sacramento Valley. Additionally, Folsom State Prison is well known for being the location where music legend, Johnny Cash, performed and recorded one of his most famous albums, “At Folsom Prison” in 1968.

Rasmussen had worked for several years as a correctional officer and wanted to have an another stream of income. He started his real estate career in 2001 when a real estate friend suggested he get his license to make additional money as a part-time opportunity.

“I saw real estate as a way to help people, make a little extra money, and avoid working overtime at the prison,” said Rasmussen with a smile.

In his first year, Rasmussen sold four homes and found himself enjoying working with people to achieve their dreams of owning a home. In his second year, he sold seven homes. At that point, Rasmussen knew he could turn this “part-time” opportunity into a full-time career.

In 2005, Rasmussen opened his own brokerage, Real Estate Premier Concepts, and quickly saw a tremendous amount of success.

Selling 60 transactions annually, Rasmussen and his real estate team have been award-winning sales producers for nearly a decade.

In mid-2016, Rasmussen felt the need to find a real estate franchise that aligned with his recent location change and office remodel.

“We relocated our office to a busy shopping center next door to a popular grocery store with tremendous foot traffic,” said Rasmussen. “With all the improvements we made in the space, we thought it was the perfect time to rebrand our company as well.”

“I love the fresh branding NextHome brings to the table,” adds Rasmussen. “It’s a beautiful design concept that will resonate with the Folsom community and the buyers and sellers of today.”

With the new NextHome affiliation, Rasmussen sees his agents utilizing the tools offered to promote their listings unlike any other brokerage in the area.

“We want our agents to use NextHome’s tools to make our sellers proud that their properties are showcased, rather than just having a home put on the market without proper marketing efforts,” said. Rasmussen. “Sellers deserve great service and marketing and we are ready to provide that for them.”

When not selling real estate, Rasmussen and Alejo, who have been together as a couple for 13 years, enjoy traveling, working out together, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Congratulations to Corey, Elizabeth and their team at NextHome Premier Properties on the opening of their NextHome brokerage!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Opens Office in Rock Hill, South Carolina

NextHome Opens Office in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker

Pleasanton, CA— January 5, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome Platinum Advantage. This represents the third office location in the state of South Carolina.

Based out of Rock Hill, and sitting along the border of North and South Carolina, the brokerage is dedicated to serving the needs of clients in both states. NextHome Platinum Advantage serves Charlotte and Huntersville in North Carolina, as well as South Carolina cities such as Fort Mill, Indian Hook, Lake Wylie, and Rock Hill.

The company will be owned and operated by Lisa Baker, an accomplished REALTOR® and real estate investor.

Baker started her journey into real estate buying investment property. While working as a full-time nurse, Baker purchased her first investment property in 2008. As a single mother, she wanted a secondary stream of income to provide for her and her son, Jacob.

“I was beginning to see how unsteady retirement could be and thought it would be best to invest in something steady like real estate,” recalls Baker.

After the successful rehab and resale of her first investment property, she not only bought and sold more homes, but her friends saw the success and wanted to join in. With the launch of her own real estate investment business, Affluent Enterprises, it made sense for Baker to get her real estate license. In 2011, she became a REALTOR® and had a goal of not only leaving her nursing career to sell real estate full time, but to own her own brokerage within five years.

“I didn’t want to be someone who was working 80 hours a week,” said Baker. “When I was a nurse, I was already working long hours. Add in my commitment to investing in my own properties, as well as helping other clients, it was only a matter of time before I moved to selling real estate full time.”

Baker found the NextHome franchise in early 2015 via a Google search. Knowing she wouldn’t be ready to open her own company for another 18 months, she put the idea of franchising on the backburner.

Five years after she set a goal to open her own brokerage, she was ready to do so. In late 2016, Baker began gathering all she needed to open her brokerage. Not surprisingly, the cost of getting all the tools and technology to best serve her clients proved to be expensive and time consuming to package together.

Baker remembered the NextHome franchise and reached out to find out how the company could help her solve her dilemma. After an hour on the phone with NextHome’s Vice President of Sales, Charis Moreno, she knew what direction she would be going in.

“I’ll be the first to tell you that I did not want to franchise,” said Baker. “But after talking with Charis and seeing how the company grew over the past two years, it made perfect sense for me to affiliate with NextHome. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

In addition to running her own real estate business and helping clients, Baker is an active public speaker, often asked to speak at events where she provides expert advice to aspiring real estate investors.

When not selling real estate, you’ll find Baker spending time with Jacob, now 19 years old. She also loves to garden and crochet.

“I’m full of energy and love to stay busy, but when it’s my off time, I’m an old soul,” Baker says with a laugh.

Congratulations to Lisa and her team at NextHome Platinum Advantage for the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces expansion into Minnesota

NextHome announces expansion into Minnesota

Amy Perrine
Amy Perrine

Pleasanton, CA— January 1, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome Perrine & Associates Realty. This represents the first NextHome brokerage in the state of Minnesota.

Based out of Sturgeon Lake, the brokerage will be owned and operated by Amy Perrine and will serve the needs of clients in Duluth, Cloquet, Barnum, Moose Lake, Willow River, Hinckley, Pine City, Mahtowa and the remainder of Carlton and Pine Counties. The brokerage will provide residential, commercial, investment, multi-family, foreclosure, lake property, and recreational property services.

After more than a decade in the environmental and contamination cleanup industry, Perrine started her real estate career in 2008 under unusual, yet inspirational, circumstances.

Moving back to Minnesota from Chicago in 1993, Perrine and her husband Phillip, settled into the Duluth area.

In 1996, Perrine was involved in a horrific car accident. As a passenger in a car that struck a 1,200 lb. moose, Perrine was badly injured.

Facing severe head injury and months in the hospital, doctors confirmed that Perrine had suffered traumatic brain damage.

“I was told I had a closed head injury where my brain had been significantly damaged” recalled Perrine. “I had to learn everything all over again.”

Over the next six years, Perrine tirelessly worked on getting back her motor skills. From walking to reading to re-learning basic math skills, she slowly regained many of the abilities that so many of us take for granted.

In 2007, she felt healthy enough to return to work, but realized the amount of travel needed in her previous career prevented her from going back into that field.

“I wanted a career that challenged me, yet allowed me to stay close to home,” said Perrine. “Real estate seemed like a logical choice.”

And what a choice it was.

Over the past eight years, Perrine went from selling 12 transactions her first year, to selling 126 transactions in excess of $11 million in 2016 – making her the #1 agent in the Duluth area. With that track record, Perrine thought 2017 was the perfect time to open her own company.

“I spent a lot of time researching the company after I saw NextHome in REALTOR® Magazine,” recalls Perrine. “I loved the technology, loved the team, and felt the franchise was the perfect compliment for our brokerage.”

Along with her commitment to her clients, she has served the local community.

Since 2011, she has served as the President of the Moose Lake Chamber of Commerce. As President, she attends all Chamber events and supports all local businesses.

“As we move into 2017, Amy’s story of courage and determination represents everything we would want in a NextHome broker,” said NextHome’s Vice President of Sales, Charis Moreno. “Having Amy lead us into Minnesota as we start the New Year is not only exciting for us at NextHome Corporate, but to all 130 offices nationally that are a part of the NextHome franchise.”

Congratulations to Amy and her team at NextHome Perrine & Associates Realty for being the first NextHome franchisee in Minnesota!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.


NextHome Campbell Realty opens branch location in Lincoln, California

NextHome Campbell Realty opens branch location in Lincoln, California

Melia Campbell with NextHome CEO James Dwiggins
Melia Campbell with NextHome CEO James Dwiggins

Pleasanton, CA— December 31, 2016 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome Campbell Realty. This represents the second office location for broker/owner, Melia Campbell.

Based out of Lincoln, the brokerage is dedicated to serving the needs of clients in Lincoln, Wheatland, and the rest of Placer County.

After opening NextHome Campbell Realty in March 2015, Campbell doubled her existing brokerage business from the previous year. As the fourth office in the NextHome franchise, Campbell has been able to see the growth of NextHome since the beginning.

“I’m so proud of what our company has accomplished over the past two years,” said Campbell. “Looking back to when I affiliated my brokerage with NextHome, I’m thrilled to see how far our franchise has come in just two short years.”

Melia Campbell started her real estate career in 1998 and became a broker a year later. In 2004, she dedicated herself to running her own brokerage and making the commitment to owning a company that would improve the standards of professionalism in her market area.

Over the past 24 months, the Marysville-based NextHome Campbell Realty has closed 182 transaction sides with a total sales volume of $23.2 million.

Campbell prides herself in personal and professional development. In April 2015, she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Real Estate in Residential Sales, Marketing, and Management from the National Association of REALTORS’ REALTOR® UNIVERSITY.

Coming from a family of military members, it was only natural that Campbell would become a Certified Military Relocation Professional. One of her 2015 goals was to increase NextHome Campbell Realty’s service for all military families in need of relocation to or from the area. Her commitment to helping military families was evident in her finding homes for dozens of veterans in the Yuba County area over the past several years.

“The Lincoln area is home to many veterans and their families,” said Campbell. “In keeping our commitment to helping these brave men and women of the military, we feel it’s the right time to open a location in Lincoln to serve those that have served in keeping us safe.”

Along with her commitment to her professional development, she gives back to the local real estate community as well. In 2014, Campbell served as the President of the Sutter-Yuba Association of REALTORS®, after serving multiple years on the Board of Directors. In addition to her service on the state level as a California Association of REALTORS® Director from 2013-2014, she also served as the Chair of the Education Committee from 2010-2011.

Campbell takes pride in her brokerage’s atmosphere that is centered around deep knowledge of the local real estate market and open communication between her agents. The team-oriented synergy allows her agents to better serve their clients and enjoy their collective success.

Interestingly enough, Campbell found out about NextHome in a very unconventional way – via Facebook.

“I saw a post in a Facebook friend’s newsfeed about a company called NextHome,” said Campbell. “I clicked on the link to find out more about the company and I was instantly blown away by the website, After spending more and more time on the site, I knew franchising with NextHome would help me grow my business in ways that I hadn’t explored before.”

“Campbell Realty joining the NextHome franchise is an example of a strong local brand and a strong national brand coming together to benefit both companies and, more importantly, the consumer,” said NextHome’s Vice President of Sales, Charis Moreno. “Over the past two years as a NextHome franchise, Melia has exemplified exactly what makes our brokers so different and special. Her hard work and dedication to help others has made all of us at NextHome so proud to be in business with her.”

Congratulations to Melia and her team at NextHome Campbell Realty for the opening of their second office location!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.


NextHome NorthEast Realty Opens in Auburn, Maine

NextHome NorthEast Realty Opens in Auburn, Maine

Rick Yost and Deborah Brackett
Rick Yost and Deborah Brackett

Pleasanton, CA— December 30, 2016 NextHome is proud to announce our newest location for the franchise, NextHome NorthEast Realty. The brokerage will represent the 2nd NextHome franchisee in the state of Maine.

The brokerage will be owned and operated business partners, Rick Yost and Deborah Brackett. The Auburn-based brokerage will provide residential real estate, commercial, multi-family, and investment property services to the entire Cumberland County area.

Home to over 280,000 residents, Cumberland County represents the state of Maine’s most populated county.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Yost will bring NextHome’s unique franchise brokerage model to the South Portland area.

“As our area’s newest brokerage, we want to create a firm where the agents feel like they are in partnership with the company,” said Yost. “It’s very important to Deborah and I that our agents know they are valued.”

His partnership with Brackett started in 2013. Yost serving as her mentor as she learned the real estate industry. Four years later, Yost felt she was the perfect partner to work alongside during this new business venture.

Yost was first introduced to NextHome through an Inman News article featuring the real estate franchise. Nominated as one of the most innovative companies in real estate by, NextHome quickly caught the eye of Yost as a real estate franchise worth looking at.

“As I was opening my own brokerage, I researched various companies to see which one made the most sense for our brokerage to affiliate with,” recalls Yost. “Out of all the franchise models, NextHome made so much sense. A great brand, with top-notch technology, all available in an affordable and value packed model? I knew I found the right company for our agents.”

Please join us in congratulating Rick, Deborah and the rest of the team at NextHome NorthEast Realty on their brand new NextHome office!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens NextHome CenCal in Fresno, California

NextHome opens NextHome CenCal in Fresno, California

Anthony and Laura Fraser
Anthony and Laura Fraser

Pleasanton, CA— December 29, 2016 NextHome is proud to announce our newest location for the franchise, NextHome CenCal. The firm will represent the 31st location in the state of California.

The brokerage will be owned and operated by the husband-wife team of Anthony and Laura Fraser. The Fresno-based brokerage will provide residential real estate, commercial, multi-family, property management and investment property services to the cities of Fresno, Madera, Clovis, Sanger, Prather, Auberry, Selma, Kingsburg, and the remainder of Fresno and Merced Counties.

Anthony will oversee the operations of the brokerage, while Laura will handle the training and recruitment of new talent to the firm.

Located three hours south of the capital of Sacramento, Fresno is home to over 520,000 residents – making it the fifth largest city in the state of California.

As a 14-year veteran of the real estate business, Anthony started his career as a licensed agent handling his family’s rental properties. His formation of Bulldog Properties in 2002, began his interest in not only handling rentals, but helping clients acquire properties for rehab and flip for profit. One of those clients he helped happened to be his future wife, Laura.

Joining him at Bulldog Properties in 2004 as a licensed real estate agent, Laura and Anthony helped clients together, yet had a natural style that fit certain demographics of clientele.

“Anthony was an incredible resource to our investors who wanted to buy property to rehab and flip or rehab and hold,” recalls Laura. “I enjoyed working with first-time home buyers and move-up sellers. Over the years, our business evolved to allow us to focus on our individual strengths.”

Over the course of the next 12 years, the Frasers built their sales business in excess of 40 transactions per year.

With the growth of their business, the Frasers wanted to add talented agents to their company and knew that aligning with a franchise would help them be cutting-edge and unique in the cluttered market of Fresno real estate companies.

The Frasers felt the NextHome model would be the difference in setting them apart in their local real estate market.

“We have known the NextHome leadership team for many years,” said Anthony. “Knowing how forward thinking the team operates, and all the incredible tech tools the company provides, 2017 is the right time for our company to align with NextHome.”

“In addition to our business, we have a focus on helping agents who are looking for a better way of doing business,” said Anthony. “Mentoring is critical to an agent’s success. It’s about taking care of their clients and making sure our agents have all the tools and skills necessary to make a difference. We believe NextHome will allow us to do that better than ever before.”

Married since 1999, the Frasers are very involved in their local community. They enjoy volunteering to help the Fresno homeless population and the couple assists the local animal rescue, specifically horses who have been abused or abandoned.

Anthony serves as a youth coach and the Frasers have recently begun working with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

They have four children – Katherine (21 years old), twins Logan and Madison (17), and their youngest, Kelli (16). When not working, the family loves to spend time traveling and one of their goals of 2017 is to purchase a motorhome to travel the country.

Please join us in congratulating Anthony, Laura and the rest of the team at NextHome CenCal on their brand new NextHome office!


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